What Is Health Care Reform?

President Obama signed the health reform law, known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, on March 23, 2010. The law will expand access to health insurance for millions of Americans starting in 2014.  Parts of the law have already gone into effect and are helping more Marylanders get the care they need. 

In 2014, people applying for health coverage may qualify for free or low cost health coverage.  The question is not whether a person is eligible for coverage, but which program they qualify for.

How Is Medicaid Changing under Health Reform? 

In Maryland, the Medicaid Program will expand to cover more adults ages 19 to 64, whether they have children or not.

  • A single person can make up to $15,856 per year and qualify for Medicaid.
  • A family of three can make up to $26,951 per year and qualify for Medicaid. 


Maryland residents can start applying for Medicaid through Maryland Health Connection on October 1, 2013. 

  • People who need Medicaid do not have to wait for open enrollment or when they have a qualifying life event to apply (such as birth, marriage, or change in income).  They will be able to apply for Medicaid year-round.  
  • If they are found eligible, their coverage will be effective on January 1, 2014.

What Is Maryland Health Connection? 

Maryland Health Connection is Maryland’s new health insurance marketplace opening October 2013.  A single, streamlined application will determine your eligibility for Medicaid or private insurance and walk you through the process. 

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