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MMA : Reports and Publications

Reports and Publications 




Joint Chairman's Reports




Report to the General Assembly - Dental Care Access under HealthChoice October 2006 ​
Therapeutic Behaviors Services - Rate Adequacy Study ​September 2006
Medical Day Care Report on Medical Eligibility Determination ​November 2006
Collection of data and federal reimbursement to the State for activities related to the implementation of Part D ​September 2006
Study on the Financial Implications of a Pharmacy Carve-Out on the Maryland HealthChoice Program ​December 2006
Medical Dispensing Fee Survey and Analysis ​December 2006
Money Follows the Individual Accountability Act Report ​December 2006
Encouraging Healthy Behavior and Proper Utilization of Services ​January 2007
2006 Joint Chairman's Report (P.107) - Report of Potential Savings and Improved Health Outcomes Resulting from Early Identification and Management of Individuals at High Risk of Chronic Kidney Disease ​January 2007
Nursing Home Pay for Performance ​January 2007
HB 1467 2006 Maryland Cares Medicare Part D Report ​June 2007
P_123_2007_JCR_DHMH_Report on the Most Common Diagnoses for Frequent Emergency Department Visitors and Plans to Reduce Emergency Department Visits ​October 2007
HB 594 2007 Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Long-Term Care Services for Cognitive and Functional Impairments - Study and Analysis October 2007 ​
Senate Bill 6 2007 Report living at Home Waiver program, the home and community-based services waiver program for individuals with disabilities aged 18-59 ​October 2007
2007 JCR P.120- Money Follows the Person Demonstration Program Budget for 2008 ​October 2007
Report on the Maryland Medical Assistance Program and the Maryland Children's Health Program - Reimbursement Rates ​October 2007
2007_JCR_p127_DHMH/MHCC_Report on Habilitative Services ​December 2007
HB 30/SB 18 (2007) Report - Oral Health Needs Assessment ​December 2007
SB 819 (2004SS) - Report on Status of CommunityChoice Managed Long-Term Care Program ​December 2007
Report on the Status of the Maryland MedBank Program (SB 334 -2003)Report on Home and Community - Based Long Term Care (SB 620/HB 946 2004) ​December 2007
Report on Home and Community - Based Long Term Care Services (SB 620/HB 946 - Chapter 426 and 427 of the Acts of 2004 ​January 2008
Report on Implementation of Nursing Home Quality Assessment Required by SB 101 (Chapter 503 of the Acts of 2007) ​March 2008
SB 481 Maryland Medical Assistance Program and the Maryland Children's Health Program - Reimbursement Rates ​September 2008
Dental Care Access under HealthChoice ​October 2008
HB 23 Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Transporters ​October 2008
HB 844 - Impact of Medicaid Day Limits on Medicaid Enrollees ​October 2008
2008 JCR - Report on Co-Pays for HIV Drugs for HealthChoice Enrollees ​November 2008
2008 JCR (P.122) Benefits Provided to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children Through Medicaid/MCHP ​November 2008
2008 JCR (p.122) Reasonable Level of Medicaid Dispensing Fees November 2008 ​
HB 1004, CH 636 (2007), Fomerly SB 334, CH. 236 (2203) Status of the Maryland MedBank Program ​December 2008
HB 809/SB677 Nursing Facilities - Accountability Measures - Pay for Performance ​December 2008
SB 545 Report (2008) Health Care funds-Transfers and Disbursements
July 2009
Final Report on Implementation of Medicaid Expansion to Parents and Their Children ​​January 2009
2009 Annual Oral Health Report September 2009
The Status of the Maryland MedBank Program ​December 2009
2009 Annual Report on the Qualified State Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership ​December 2009
Maryland Medical Assistance Program - Family Planning Services - Eligibility Systems ​December 2009
Report on Scope of Work for Updating MMIS and All Medicaid Eligibility Systems December 2009 ​December 2009
Report on Long-Term Care Incentive Payments and "Never Events" ​December 2009
(2009) - Prescriptions Drugs-Evidence-Base Prescriber Educations and Outreach Program December 2009 ​
JCR 2009, Garrett County Memorial Hospital: Report on options to prevent the necessity for future medical malpractice subsidies for the liability insurance policy issued to policyholders who are family practitioners with staff privileges ​January 2010
2009 Physician Fee Report
Report on Home- and Community-Based Long-Term Care Services January 2010 ​
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Money Follows the Person Grant-Report January 2010​
MHCC and the Office of the Comptroller: Report on the impact of the Kids First Act Enacted during the 2008 session of the Maryland General Assembly January 2010 ​
2009 Joint Chairmen's Report (P.100) - Report on Barriers to Enrollment and Outstation Eligibility Workers January 2010 ​
2010 Annual Oral Health Legislative Report September 2010 ​
2012 Cost Containment JCR September 2012​​
​​2012 Dental JCR October 2012​​
2012 Rural Access to Care JCR ​October 2012
​​2012 Basic Health Plan JCR ​December 2012​
2012 HB 171 Collective Bargaining JCR ​December 2012
2012 HB 1004 Generic Drug JCR ​December 2012
2012 Medicare Waiver JCR December 2012​
2012 Psychotropic Medication Utilization ​December 2012
2012 Telemedicine JCR ​December 2012
2013 HB 443 Continuity of Care JCR January 2013
2013 Money Follows the Person JCR January 2013​
2013 Nursing Home Non-profit Tax-exempt Status JCR January 2013​
2013 Physician Fee JCR ​January 2013
2013 Annual Report on Implementation of Nursing Home Quality Assessment ​March 2013
2013 Rural Access JCR July 2013​​
2013 Chronic Health Home JCR ​September 2013
2013 Dental JCR September 2013​
2013 Pediatric Restorative Dental Surgery and Analysis of Rates for Anesthesia Services ​September 2013
2013 Report on Behavioral Health Integration  December 2013​
2013 Status of Collective Bargaining for Independent Home Care Providers Participating in Waiver Programs December 2013 


Pamphlets and Brochures

Pharmacy Resource Booklet June, 2004 ​
HealthChoice Fact Sheet ​January, 2007
LTC Fact Sheet ​February, 2007
MCHP Fact Sheet ​January, 2007
Medicaid Fact Sheet ​June, 2011
Pharmacy Fact Sheet ​January, 2007
Special Needs Children Brochure ​October, 2004
EPSDT Brochure V2 ​June, 2005
FFS Brochure ​June, 2005
Health Choice Brochure ​June, 2005
Mental Health Brochure ​June, 2005
Waiver Brochure ​June, 2005
Guide to Health Services for Low Income Adults without Insurance ​December, 2006
Guide to Specialty Services for Low Income Adults without Insurance ​February, 2007


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